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Increase Height


Obesity and fat burning 


Treatment of back and joint pain


Tallerbe is the optimal treatment to increase height after years of trials and successes

The main problem in the majority is obesity and fat accumulation that tallerbe helps burning it and regulate body metabolism  

One of the most important benefits of Tallerbe addition to increase height is a treat back pain and chronic joint pain , you will feel its effect during the first week

What is Tallerbe ?

Tallerbe is a physical tool, it is NOT drugs or chemicals  

Unfortunately ! that's impossible after the age of 18 to have a drugs helps to increase bones height, all the drugs that we see in advertisements purpose is to sales and profits only

Tallerbe is insole placed in boot made of silicon , based on the acupuncture way to stimulate nerve endings in foot by studied position papillae on its surface

How do we benefit from Tallerbe ?

Growth will not be at bones , growth will be in the cartilage for example in the spine there are 24 non united spines contain 25 cartilages , if every cartilage increased its thickness about 0.25 cm the height increasing in only the back will be 6.25 cm approximately, as well for all body cartilages ( Pelvis, knees and all joints )   

How to use Tallerbe ? for how much time ?

Tallerbe comes with 44 foot size you can resize it till 33 foot size ( so Easy ! you'll find all details about resizing in the guide attached with Tallerbe box ), then you can put it in your boot and walk using it twice a day 20 to 30 mins each time and not more 30 mins so that the body doesn't get used to it and stop benefit, treatment period is 6 months so it gives about 1 to 2 cm per month , you can use it if yu are in age of 16 till 45 years and even 50 !, without any side effects

is everyone should get benefit ?

for sure there are some cases have some ailments that interfere with treatment so for diabetes, Thalassemias and Glands diseases don't benefit at all  

are there any side effects ?  ؟

we are talking about a physical tool so it's not drugs or chemicals so it does NOT interfere with any medication and does NOT cause side effects

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